Dr. Bada is the first General Surgeon in   
            Charlotte County performing Da Vinci

Thanks to technological advances, doctors now have an
effective alternative to traditional open and laparoscopic
surgery that allows them to offer patients the
best of both approaches- da Vinci Surgery.

With the assistance of the da Vinci© Surgical System, surgeons
can operate through tiny incisions of 1/2 cm and with greater
vision, precision and control than ever before. If your doctor
recommends surgery to treat gallbladder disease, you may be a
candidate for minimally invasive da Vinci Surgery. Using the most
advanced technology available, the da Vinci Surgical System
enables your doctor to operate through a few tiny
incisions with breakthrough vision, precision, control and
improved access to the affected area.

This procedure is performed using the da Vinci Surgical
System, a state-of-the-art surgical platform. By overcoming
the limits of both traditional open and laparoscopic surgery,
da Vinci is changing the experience of surgery for people
around the world.

As with any surgery, these benefits cannot be guaranteed since
surgery is specific to each patient, condition and procedure.
It is important to talk to your doctor about all treatment options,
including the risks and benefits. This can help you make the
best decision for your situation.

While clinical studies support the effectiveness of the da Vinci©
System when used in minimally invasive surgery, individual results may vary. Surgery with the
da Vinci© System may not be appropriate for every individual.
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