Signs and Symptoms:
• Change in how breast or nipple feels
• Change in how nipple looks • Nipple discharge
Risk Factors:
• Age: ½ of all women over 65 • Weight: obese • Diet
and Lifestyle: Lack of exercise, high fat diet, more
than two drinks a day • Menstrual History: early or
late menopause, first child at older age, birth control
use of more than ten years • Family History: mother,
sister, or history of cancer • Medical: dense breast,
history of hormone treatments, past radiation
Early Detection Plan:
• Beginning at age 20: Perform breast exams and
look for change • By age 40: have a mammogram
and breast exam • Age 40 to 49: mammogram
every one to two years, depending on findings
• Age 50 and older: Have a mammogram
every year
Surgical Treatment:
• Lumpectomy
• Sentinel Node Biopsy
• Modified Radical Mastectomy
with axillary node dissection

Help Reduce Stress for Breast Cancer Patients


A breast cancer diagnosis is usually the beginning of a long and anxiety-driven journey.
More women with early-stage breast cancer are able to treat their cancer effectively and
preserve their breast through breast conservation therapy (BCT).  BCT begins with a
lumpectomy, the surgical removal of the cancerous tumor.  The lumpectomy is usually
followed by 7 weeks of radiation directed at the whole breast.  Now, there is an internal
treatment option which only takes 5 days to complete.

MammoSite is a form of partial breast irradiation.  It works by delivering radiation from inside the lumpectomy
cavity directly to the tissue surrounding the cavity where cancer is most likely to recur.  Radiation therapy with
MammoSite can be completed in 5 days, allowing you to get back to your life.

What to Expect during treatment with MammoSite?

MammoSite treatment is a 2-stage process:  balloon placement and radiation delivery.

After the surgeon removes your tumor, an uninflated MammoSite balloon is gently placed inside the lumpectomy
cavity through a small incision in your breast.  Once in place, the balloon is inflated with a saline solution to fit the
lumpectomy cavity.  Next you will visit a radiation oncologist who will take images of the MammoSite Balloon in
your breast and determine the amount of radiation needed.  During radiation therapy, you will visit the radiation
oncology office twice a day for 5 days.  No radiation will remain in your breast between treatments or after the
final treatment

What are the benefits of MammoSite?
•        Radiation is delivered to the area where it is needed most
•        Radiation to healthy tissue is minimize reducing potential for side effects
•        Placement of the MammoSite Balloon is simple
•        The treatment is given on an outpatient basis, so no hospital stay is required
•        Patient satisfaction has been overwhelmingly positive
•        A clinical study has shown cosmetic results to be good/excellent of women treated
•        Radiation can be delivered in 5 days

Alvaro Bada, M.D. is trained and performing this procedure. He is proud to provide his patients a wonderful new
approach to breast cancer treatment.   If you have any questions contact Dr. Bada at (941) 255-0069.